Big Snapper


Big Snapper was started in 2022 by Mark Aldridge after catching a few monster snapper he started the 20 Pound Club on Facebook. Mark found other fishermen also wanted to learn how to catch or release a big one.

So Big Snapper was started and the products or services we have listed below will help you catch a Big Snapper also.

The following products and services listed below are recommended in helping you catch that Big Snapper


Big Snapper products page is about letting you know about what we are using or others are finding great in helping you catch or release big snapper.
If you know of a top fishing product that you would like to be listed here, then email Big Snapper with the details…. read more

Drone Fishing

We have a list of some of the best fishing drones used in New Zealand some of our biggest snapper have been caught using the fishing drone system that is taking New Zealand by storm….. read more

Big Snapper Rod Holders

At Big Snapper we have designed a Rod Holder that gives you the strength and ease of getting it set up in the sand by just standing on the two footsteps and allowing your weight and gravity to slide this into the sand location ready to fish…read more

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing for Big Snapper has really caught on in the last few years with more and more getting into this great form of fishing that can be enjoyed by most with a little bit of fitness and skills required….. read more

Longline Fishing

Long line fishing has become extremely popular in recent years with the proliferation of electric torpedo fishing systems. With the ability to tow out a long line with 25 baited hooks kilometers out to sea…. read more


Surfcasting off rocks and beaches has been around for years in New Zealand with some great results from both locations. Surfcasting in calm conditions on deep beaches can be enjoyed by anyone who’s able to cast a sinker 20 meters plus…. read more

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