Big Snapper Rod Holder and the Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder has been designed to give you the all-round strength and stability when fishing from the beach, simply slide the fishing rod into the rod holder and you are ready to fish.
No more trying to push your fishing stand into the sand anymore, simply just stand on the footplate and gravity and your weight will push it down with just a little sideways motion until the bottom plate is flash with the sand and locked into place ready to load it up and start fishing.
This Rod Holder is ready to take on anything big you may catch, or be able to load up with any extra items you may require as the pictures show on the left, from extra rod holders, bait boards, to fish bait holders.
This has been designed by Big Snapper for that fishing person who requires strength and support from the beach, not only just in case you catch the big one either.


Big Snapper Rod Holder $495.00

Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder $395.00

Big Snapper Rod Holders comes as a self-standing rod holder.
Big Snapper Rod Holder is 1.500mm long, with 1000mm above the sand, and has a 500mm custom made sand grip under the foot plate, with a 50mm wide down section that can take most rods with ease on the New Zealand market. Weight is 6.5kg.
Big Snapper Surfcaster Holder is 1.500mm long, with 1000mm above the sand, with one foot plate that faces towards the water, and a 50mm wide down section. Weight is 3.2kg

The Perfect Rod Holder

No more choosing between different types of rod holders – this one does it all, plus no more chasing your rod and stand down the beach if you catch something big, we have designed and engineered this rod holder to give you the Maxime support from the beach.

At the end of the day remove the rod and put your bait board in it, so you can stand and fillet your fish with no more bending down trying to do this on the beach.


Reduce Strike Theft:

Your rod will turn to whatever way your catch is running, and not jump out of its slot unless you have your drag done right up of course.

The Big Snapper Rod Holder is extremely strong and durable with it being made out of stainless steel and manufactured by kiwis in New Zealand.


Product Description:

Product Description

The Big Snapper Rod Holder is adaptive fishing equipment from the brand Big Snapper, which aims to offer independent living to people who may have a bad back to those who just want to have the right equipment to get the job done.

Get the right support you require on the beach by having a Big Snapper Rod Holder..

Key Features

  • The Big Snapper Rod Holder is a high-quality stainless steel rod holder made for putting into the sand.
  • The Big Snapper Rod Holder works on being one of the strongest holders on the market to give you that support from the base up.
  • The Big Snapper Rod Holders comes in two styles, but you can cut the top section down to best suit you.
  • Big Snapper Rod Holder caters for surfcasters to electric reels and winch set ups.
  • You can add a number of items to the Big Snapper Rod Holders, its limitations are only set by you, add your bait board, drink holder or even an umbrella for shade just to name a few.

Placing Your Order:

Email Mark at with your contact details and delivery address so an invoice can be sent to.

If you are wanting to pick it up in Taupo please contact Mark.
Big Snapper Rod Holder Bait Container
This is the perfect setup to add to your Rod Holder, with it being easy to clean and holds your bait off the sand away from birds and dogs trying to get at it, also has a drink and knife holder and bait cutting board on top.
You can even just add water into the container so you can keep your hands washed throughout the day, or add your extra fishing items into it.
This can be removed from your Rod Holder to clean it, or be adjusted to any height or turned around to any angle to suit you when fishing.
Comes with rubber attachment on the rod holder ready for the bait container to be added.
Width 345mm, Height 220mm, Depth 280mm
Cost $145.00